Monday, January 29, 2007

Volunteerism Grows Peace

Volunteerism Grows Peace

What is a volunteer? The dictionary definitions include: “somebody who does something without being paid,” “to offer free help,” “to do charitable or helpful work without receiving pay for it.” The way I see it, a volunteer is a person who gives of his or her time and talents in a selfless way, generating good will, and even peace, in the process.
The Hopewell Public Library is fortunate to have many volunteers. To begin with, those who volunteer for the library include, but are not limited to, volunteers who work in the library each week. The many jobs they do include tasks such as working the front desk, shelving books, helping patrons with reference questions, running errands, checking library materials in and out, straightening books, covering books, gardening, hauling of trash and recycling.
Secondly, the Friends of the Hopewell Public Library are volunteers. This group of individuals works hard to acquire funds for the library. The Friends have raised funds that allow the library to increase its spending on books, audio books, music, and programming for both children and adults. They are open to fresh ideas and energized about what they do. The events they produce are exciting community affairs that grow community appreciation for Hopewell and for the library.
Thirdly, The Board of Trustees is a dedicated group of men and women appointed by the mayor and bound by oath, to govern the library. They sign on for a 5-year term and agree to meet once a month to oversee the workings of the library. Each of these individuals brings a special skill or talent which insures that the library functions as effectively as possible. They support and guide the director of the library and library staff. Beyond the monthly meetings, the trustees hold an annual book sale that generates additional funds for the library. It is an event that is greatly anticipated by throngs of bargain hunters during the Hopewell Yard Sale weekend. Long hours and back- breaking work are not deterrents for the trustees.
All of these individuals work countless hours to support
the library, an important and honorable task. In the end, I believe that these selfless volunteers not only create a better library for Hopewell Borough, but a better community and world for others, and for themselves. By doing what they do they help someone or some purpose. This must surely create a good feeling in their hearts, which can only bring them, and those around them, peace.

Jenni Spencer
Hopewell Public Library

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Intro to "HPL BLOG NOW"

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