Monday, February 19, 2007

Boys will be boys?

Back in January the Library and the Friends of the Library hosted Elizabeth Casparian from HiTops; who's mission is: to promote adolescent health and well being. Elizabeth presented a program on boys. The library was packed with interested parents, curious to find information about raising their boys in today's society.
Being that the library is small and intimate, the group was able to speak very frankly and openly about their individual concerns. The presentation became casual, like a group of friends talking about their questions and ways of dealing with certain issues of raising their boys. Elizabeth was able to answer questions and guide the discussion to keep things focused.
In the end, parents left with good advice, helpful information, and a desire to learn more.

"Always leave them wanting more!"

HiTops will be back with another timely and provocative topic.

For schedule and event listings and updates, regularly check the library's website.